Multi-Touch Table – Construction

After having the opportunity to play with Microsoft Surface first hand I immediately wanted to have one. However after I discovered the hefty price tag for one these tables and the fact that they are not yet available to consumers I decided to build my own. With some help from the great people at NUI Group I am well on my way to completing my new multi-touch coffee table for my living room. The table has been constructed and I am in the process of putting all the final parts together. Stay tuned for updates!

The main construction of the table is complete. I’ve constructed the box out of plywood and use 2×2’s for structural support on the sides. No nails were used around the frame of the table (just a lot of awesome glue).

The big empty space you see on the side is where the access door goes.



If you’re running one or more Ventrilo Servers on a Unix/Linux machine you’ve undoubtedly noticed the lack of autorun scripts and other tools to keep track of those servers. Ventman was created to fill that void. It is an easy to use command line utility for managing multiple Ventrilo servers. If you need to restart all your servers its as easy as ventman restart all.

ventman is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.